I’ve grown up in the building trade.  My Grandad was a Bricklayer, my Dad a joiner.  So I was mixing sand and cement by 5 and hanging doors at 12.

That said I didn’t leave school and join the family business I went to University graduated in Marketing and worked in business for 10 years before retraining and returning to what was in my blood.

The people skills and business acumen I developed through those years enable me to effectively communicate, exceed expectations and deliver a brief.

I’ve now been a tradesman for 20 years, with multiple projects of all kinds under my belt.  My focus over the last 10 years has been renovating houses, be it, buy to let, flip, student properties, or making somebodies dream home.

More and more I find there are gaps and barriers in the process. 

I find briefs are not delivered, or costly, unnecessary choices are made.  I can offer an idea of what is possible given budget and planning constraints which can often lead the decision process.  I can also offer design ideas not before considered due to my understanding of the constraints of a building.

I often find un-cohesive drawings or projects that haven’t consider all elements and trades.  This can lead to limitations or eat into the contingency.   Having built many projects from the foundations up and then fitted them out I can offer a perception of the bigger picture considering all areas of the build.

Poor decisions or foresight ultimately costs money.   My experience will be able to edify the possibilities and constraints of your project, enabling you to stretch your budget and achieve your vision.