Planning and Possibilities

Best for extending, changing layout or maximising space.   

Introduction phone call (no more than an hour) to find out details of the project.

  • I produce a project tailored fact finding questionnaire.  Details of project, where services are, room sizes/floor plan, future plans, photos etc.
  • I deliver advice based on their answers, via a phone or zoom call.
  • Follow up summary email.  This will help you to understand the process and what to expect.  It will help you to communicate your ideas accurately to your tradesman or architect which in turn will enable them to deliver your brief and help achieve your budget.
  • Site visit and additional time available, additional fee.


    Through the eyes of a builder

    Time and time again I have been asked to execute a project to plans where little consideration to the building process had been made. 

    This can drastically effect the cost of the build.  Sometimes making very simple alterations to plans can save thousands.


  • Phone call to discuss project. 
  • Zoom call or photos to discuss space.
  • Phone call or Zoom to discuss plans, be it architectural or own ideas.
  • As above, if needed.  (Final look over before submission / purchase.)
  • Each stage one hour max.  E-mail contact throughout process.  Site visit available, additional fee.

    Hourly Consultation.  £120 per hour

    Site Visit, consultation, planning and advice.

    Up to 4 hours of my time on site to discuss possibilities and ideas.

    This will cover planning, what to expect, budgeting, future plans,

    Follow up email summary.

    Full project Management.  Price dependant on size.

    From £795 (plus travel)